CBD Mystery Shopper: Palm Springs II

Nature's Cafe

CBD Mystery Shopper: Palm Springs (Again)

We’re still in Palm Springs, the land of fine weather, healthy living and alternative care products. While soon to be donning our mukluks for eastbound travel, we surveyed a few more retail establishments:

Nature’s Health Food & Cafe, 555 S Sunrise Way #301, Palm Springs, CA 92264, sells CBD topicals and tinctures in-store only, where salespeople are courteous, helpful and experienced about the products they sell. They make recommendations over the phone.

BESTSELLER: Green Gorilla CBD Infused Oil in two strengths: 150mg (for beginners, $24.99) and 600mg ($84.99).

PROS: Salespeople speak from experience; store motto is “we’ve researched and investigated each item to ensure it meets our rigid standards for quality.” 

CONS: Products are in glass cases next to the sales counter, which may cause concerns for privacy (with everybody on line, listening in) and slow down check-out traffic.

SUGGESTIONS: Move CBD topicals to a locked case deeper in the store. (Note: This is a typical problem with CBD products.)

MYSTERY SHOPPER SCORE: 4.25 (out of 5)

Hemp City Cathedral City, 67-555 E Palm Canyon Dr F114, Cathedral City, CA 92234, sells every category of CBD product in its store. There are three locations in the Coachella Valley, with Cathedral City being the closest to Palm Springs. It has a Facebook page and a website under construction.

BESTSELLER: Declined to say.

PROS: It has a wide variety of products.

CONS: Salespeople may be knowledgeable but are unhelpful to shoppers with questions: “We have a lot of products, people come in for everything.” 

SUGGESTIONS: More. Sales. Training.


7-Eleven, multiple locations in Greater Palm Springs, sells topical CBD creams and patches for muscle aches in-store. No online sales.

BESTSELLER: Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream ($19.99 small).

PROS: Is open 24 hours, and you can go to a nearby location if the product is sold out.

CONS: Sales staff is stretched over a large number of hours and customer needs. Phones go to fax signal.

SUGGESTIONS: Not really; 24-hour availability makes up for a lot.

MYSTERY SHOPPER SCORE: 2.75 (out of 5)

Clark’s Nutrition, 34175 Monterey Ave, Rancho Mirage CA, 92270, is the closest store to Palm Springs of the four located in and around Riverside County. It’s a CBD-savvy establishment, carrying all categories of CBD products in-store.

BESTSELLER: Charlotte’s Web CBD Original Formula ($149.99)

PROS: Store features a Nutritional Specialist who can answer all your questions!

CONS: Nothing obvious.

SUGGESTIONS: Nope – nicely done.


Ambrosia Healthcare, 75-060 Gerald Ford Drive Suite 1 Palm Desert CA 92211, is a compounding pharmacy and medical supply store in Palm Desert that sells a full line of CBD products by a single brand

BESTSELLER: Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures ($53.95)

PROS: Salespeople are knowledgeable and a nurse practitioner is available for questions.

CONS: It’s a little off the beaten track of Hwy 111, but still close to many of the luxury resorts of Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and Indian Wells.

SUGGESTIONS: Nope – good atmosphere.


About the CBD Mystery Shopper

Exclusive to, our CBD Mystery Shopper strolls the commercial aisles of Retail America, checking the prices, placements and sales expertise for cannabidiol (aka CBD) products. Whether your store is a mall or a mom-and-pop shop, you can plan on receiving a visit from the Shopper, because we want to learn how comfortable customers are made to feel when asking for this new kind of product – and how comfortable retailers feel when they sell it.

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