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Vance Rolls Millions, Makers Miss Label Claims, Martha Is Here – CBM Daily Digest 02/24/28

Vance Makes Millions Rolling Joints

Vance, a CBD upstart in Milwaukee, is rolling thousands of CBD joints a day and raking in millions.

Their secret? There are probably a few. It could be the lavender imported from France that the company ads to their blends. It could be that snazzy, black, looks-like-a-cigarette packaging. It could be that the smokes don’t get you high, probably aren’t addictive. and have all of the benefits of smoking CBD.

It’s probably the lavender. If you want to stock and see for yourself, go here for wholesale inquiries.

Always Buy From Reputable Vendors

We here at the Daily Digest are supposed to recap the news you need to know most. That means reading a lot of bad news (you’re welcome) and reading the same 4-5 stories over and over again. When it comes to CBD manufacturers meeting the stated claims on their packaging, we see that story every day.

Since it’s almost March, we figured we might as well remind you: many CBD products do not deliver whats on the label. Don’t believe us? Check here, or here, or even here. Those were just this week’s round of tests. Don’t even get us started on some of the other things being found in CBD supplements.

Don’t fear! For every bad CBD product, there still seem to be 2-3 good ones. Start with reputable vendors, like those in our Retailers Product Sampler. And ALWAYS get a batch-specific COA and keep it on hand, even after you have sold through all of the product.

Martha Partners With Canopy For All Pet Kind

It was only a matter of time. Martha is here. We feel better already. Amidst all of the uncertainty in the CBD industry, Martha Stewart has emerged to save us all. That’s right! Martha Stewart has partnered with Canopy Growth to advise on their new CBD line…for pets.

Martha will personally oversee the licensing agreement (we can’t wait for Martha-branded pet treats), and we expect it to hit shelves in Late 2020. No word yet about expanding the line to humans, though given Martha’s track record with the law, we assume she’s playing it safe.

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