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Trump Funds CBD Enforcement, Stormy Daniels Lubes Up! CBM Daily Digest – 2/11/20

Cannabis, CBD Featured in 2021 Trump Budget

The Trump administration rolled out its 2021 budget, and if it’s approved by Congress, it includes $5M for research and enforcement of Cannabis and CBD.

This, folks, is BIG news. This marks the first time the Trump administration has acknowledged cannabis or CBD in their budget and the first time they are asking for research funding. Of course, it’s nowhere near enough. But it’s a start!

You can dig into the riveting 138-page document for yourself here, or just take Bloomberg’s word for it. We searched the document for CBD and found nothing. If we start now we might have read this by the time the 2022 budget comes out.

Stormy Daniels CBD Lube Coming

You know who Stormy Daniels is. But did you know that Stormy Daniels has a new CBD based lubricant coming to the market? We didn’t either…

Stormy paired up with Forest Farms to create Tempest by Stormy, a water-based lubricant that utilizes fat-bonded, full-spectrum, nanotization to get your private parts slathered in CBD.

While this sounds like a good idea, do CBD and lubricant really mix? After all, an anti-inflammatory might not be what Dr. Ruth ordered. Reviews are mixed, so proceed with caution.

4 Easy Tips To Sell more Lip Balm

We’re super bullish on CBD based skincare. Anyone who reads every day (we thank you) should be pretty clear on that point by now. The folks over at The GrowthOp have a great set of tips that we think should help make selling them to your customers really simple.

For example, we had no idea that CBD was good for REALLY chapped lips. We wish we had known that at the beginning of this winter. Ouch.

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