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Sephora Sets New Standards, Hemp Prices Slip Again – CBM Daily Digest 02/27/20

Hemp Prices Slipping, CBD Prices Not So Much

Yet another report of hemp prices slipping, and this one comes with the worst pricing targets we’ve seen yet for a pound of Colorado’s oil-bound hemp: $6.20. Ouch.

So, we have to ask…where is the cheap CBD? Bruce Linton thinks the stuff should be free, so why are we still seeing $200 CBD face cream?

The reality of it is that until we know how much and what strains of hemp translate into consumer demand for finished products, the hemp growers have no idea what to grow and how much of it they will be able to sell each harvest. We recommend fastening your seat belt and buying a helmet, this could be a bumpy ride for the next few years.

Sephora 1st Retailer To Publish CBD Standards

Citing a 1000x increase in CBD searches on their website, beauty giant Sephora has unveiled an entire set of guidelines for CBD products to be eligible for sale in Sephora locations (and online) nationwide.

Manufacturers will not only have to test and verify label claims, but products must be free of over 50 chemicals that Sephora says just won’t do, CBD must be full or broad-spectrum (sorry Isolate makers), and be grown domestically.

Hats off to Sephora for being such believers in CBD based skin-care. In-store CBD products can be found in the retailers “The Next Big Thing” merchandising section.

Outrage At The Pet Store

Here are the facts as reported: an Agusta, GA woman fed her two, ~2.5lb chihuahuas each a 5mg CBD dog treat from Charleston Hemp Company. One of the dogs had a known cardiac problem, went into cardiac failure and passed away.

Here are the facts you need to know if you sell CBD pet treats: customers should seek veterinary advice prior to treating their pets with oral CBD. Dosing should be titrated to the pet’s weight, erring on the side of conservative caution. Pets with known health issues should likely avoid taking CBD unless specified by a veterinarian.

Our heart is breaking for that little dog, and the dog’s owner. Remember, FDA has not deemed CBD as safe for human or animal consumption.

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