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Parents Fight for CBD in Schools, PGA Show Gets CBD Treatment – CBM Daily Digest 1/28/20

CBD Still Not OK In Most Schools…For Now

CBD seems to be a bit a wonder drug and is heralded as a cure-all, but not if you attend school in the U.S. of A. CBD is banned in schools nationwide, but one group of parents in Minnesota are looking to change that.

Minnesota State Rep. Heather Edelson seems to have their back, she has drafted a bill that allows for CBD and Medical Marijuana in Minnesota schools. Virginia has a similar program they just adopted and allows school nurses to administer cannabinoids with a prescription and some strict instructions.

So for now, when your customers ask if CBD products are safe for children, are sure to include warnings about school jurisdictions in the long list of information you share.

Canna Industry Will Be Overrun by CBD in 2020

Forbes has it’s predictions for the Cannabis Industry for 2020 and, big shocker, it’s all about CBD.

Not only will the CBD industry start to see serious gains on the “marijuana” side of the industry, Forbes predicts that the CBD market will mature greatly in 2020, and expects to see consumer demand drive standardization faster than regulators can. They also predict an upswing in medical testing, which we applaud.

Forbes also predicts a bit of a shakeout amongst the top Canna companies, many of whom make CBD products for national consumption. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year to be in the CBD retail space.

Golf Show Gets CBD Treatment

We told you so: CBD and Golf go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The 2020 PGA Merchandise Show kicked off in Orlando last week, and CBD companies were there front and center. Golfcity.com reports that there were 20 CBD vendors on hand this year, up from 6 just last year. We’re not surprised, especially because we suggested retailers and vendors focus on the Golf category last year.

We’re not taking credit for the quadrupling of CBD booths at the show, but we do love a good I Told You So.


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