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NM Cops Fail Drug Tests, Bruce Linton Wants It All Free – CBM Daily Digest 02/26/20

CBD Gets NM Cops In Trouble

We keep warning you to warn your customers that full-spectrum CBD products might make them fail their drug tests. It’s a simple but harsh reality, but full-spectrum means all of the other cannabinoids are in there too.

So when we read that some police officers in Albuquerque had failed their drug tests and blamed CBD products, we laughed and laughed and laughed. But then we thought we better remind all of you again: full-spectrum CBD can and will cause your customers to fail their drug tests.

So when those boys in blue (or black, or green, or brown depending on where you live) come asking for CBD that’s safe under department guidelines…steer them toward isolate based or broad-spectrum CBD products.

Bruce Linton Says CBD Should Be Free

What would a world with free CBD look like? We’re capitalists, and write content for retailers…so we desperately hope that Bruce Linton, former head of Canopy Growth is dead wrong in his predictions that CBD should be free for all.

According to good ol’ Bruce, cannabis companies should be raking in so much dough from the rest of the plant that by the time they get to CBD it should be free. What he really means is that our CBD should be grown as hemp fiber and cloth as the engine of profit, and then the CBD is truly the by-product.

So while Bruce is right in some sense, his hemp-first socialist utopian world is one where CBD may be free, but all of the other cannabinoids that will be the future of the CBx industry will remain costly and scarce. No thanks.

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