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NFL wants CBD, Iowa Wants Warnings, We Want Ice Cream – CBM Daily Digest 1/31/20

NFL Players Want MLB Treatment

Fresh on the heels of the Major League Baseball decision to drop natural cannabinoids from their drug testing routine, ex-NFL players are weighing in to encourage the NFL to follow suit.

We’re not just talking about any old NFL players here. Terrel Davis, 2x Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos says adopting a policy similar to MLB’s would improve players’ quality of life. Which is a benefit to players and Davis alike because his new Defy recovery beverage (with CBD of course) just hit the market.

As for when the NFL would rescind their ban, we’re not sure. But while you wait you can stock Defy in your retail stores today.

Iowa Wants Better Labels

A bill introduced in the Iowa legislature this week would require new, stringent warnings on CBD products. The warning language is so onerous, we present it here for you without comment:

Products must warn customers that the product “may or may not contain the ingredients stated on the label, that the efficacy and safety of the product have not been substantiated or approved by a state or federal agency based on competent and reliable scientific evidence, and that the consumer should use the product at the consumer’s own risk.”

Ingest at your own risk seems so much easier to say or print on the label.

Mooooove over…Dairy Wants Their Scoop Of CBD

The head of the International Dairy Foods Association says that dairy manufacturers are rolling forward with new CBD based products despite looming FDA regulations.

While the association seems bullish on CBD, we’re not sure that BigDairy isn’t just waiting to make sure everything is kosher with the Fed. But, we also can’t wait for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s that puts us to sleep before we finish the container.

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