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Manufacturers Clap Back On Tests, UK Says CBD Is Food – CBM Daily Digest 02/14/2020

UK Has CBD All Figured Out

While we in America await the FDA’s looming CBD regulations, our friends over the pond seem to have their situation all sorted out. UK regulators say CBD is a novel food, and manufacturers have to register, test, and disclose everything to consumers.

The UK Food Standards Agency also said consumers should not eat more than 70mg of CBD a day, the first time regulators there (or anywhere) have issued usage guidelines for CBD.

Manufacturers have until March of 2021 to register their products. Those that don’t will be pulled off the shelves after that date.

CBD Manufacturers Dispute Failed NBC Tests

In a story we feel like we read every day, NBC News affiliate KING5 sent a bunch of CBD products off for testing, and a few of those products didn’t match their stated claims. What made this story different: this time the manufacturers clapped back.

Not all of them. Original 420 Brand CBD didn’t respond at all. But more reputable brands like Select and OLEO responded immediately and began to work directly with the lab to make sure they were testing the products correctly. So while normally we see this story and think “clickbait”, this time something good came out of it.

This does beg the question: when will testing truly be uniform across the industry?

Shhh, It’s a Secret

Our secret shopper rolled on into the Motor City to see what Detroit had on tap for the CBD consumer. While she may have had a harder time finding CBD in Detroit than other cities, it seems the quality of shops she found was a cut above. Check out the article for the full story.


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