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Kroger To Lobby For Hemp, Conan Roasts CBD – CBM Daily Digest 2/12/20

Kroger Wants Hemp Regulations

Kroger, the largest grocery chain by revenue in the US, is now also the 1st grocery store chain to lobby the federal government on hemp. Just like Kroger, this is a pretty big deal.

Perhaps more interesting is that Kroger seems to care more about topical CBD, according to these disclosures thankfully deciphered by CannabisWire. Kroger put topical CBD products on its shelves in 2019.

BLNCD Launches Fizzy Lifting Drink

Despite murky waters ahead for CBD beverages (specifically) and pending FDA regulations, Minnesota based BLNCD Naturals has partnered up with Big Watt Coffee to release a line of…you guessed itCBD infused fizzy waters.

BLNCD will come in 3 botanically flavored varieties and will be marketed by effect, so you can expect things like Chill, Bliss, and right on target: Balance. It looks like the brand is ready to start taking wholesale orders now.

Conan Is Making Fun Of YOU!

Normally we try to take otherwise fairly boring news that CBD retailers might be interested in and make it a bit more interesting (and digestible). Today, Conan beat us to the punch.

The sad (but also tragically funny) part is that he’s right. The CBD craze is totally out of control. The research is non-existent. Everything is based on pseudoscience. We probably do not need CBD-infused clothing or pillows. Team Coco is right. It’s a bit of a mess that doesn’t make much sense.

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