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Hawaii Wants CBD, New Cure for SAD? – CBM Daily Digest 2/4/20

Can CBD Help SAD Sufferers?

We tend to think of CBD more for physical ailments. but are we selling it short? Green Entrepreneur has a great overview of CBD’s potential benefit for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you are serving customers in colder climates, it’s definitely worth a read.

The research in the article seems to indicate that CBD compliments three of the major treatments for SAD: getting more sleep, exercising, and regulating diet. So while CBD may not outright cure SAD (we’ve heard great things about light therapy), it could be the perfect complement to other SAD treatments.

Move Over Grassfed, Make Room For Hempseed

While Hemp is not yet approved by the FDA as a food supplement, that hasn’t seemed to stop the livestock industry from starting to introduce hemp-derived products into animal feed, and apparently the results are impressive.

University studies have shown increased omega-3 fatty acids in eggs laid by hens who consumed hemp seed and hemp oil. Apparently the cattle industry has “observed increased protein and marbling in the meat after including hemp seed and stock into their feed.” – YUM.

And while none of this is ready for public consumption just yet (darn), The National Hemp Association hopes that these studies lead to faster FDA approvals.

Hawaii Wants Legal CBD

Current Hawaii State law makes the sale or consumption of CBD illegal. But that could change quickly as the state House Agriculture Committee will consider several new measures that could allow for commercial production and allow for the retail sale of hemp-derived products.

The state appears to be looking to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement, which would be a departure from the current stance of the FDA. Still, FDA regulations could be years away, so we applaud Hawaii’s move to regulate CBD sooner rather than later.

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