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FDA Misses Deadline, Driving OK on CBD? – CBM Daily Digest 02/25/20

FDA Misses Congress Deadline

The FDA missed a congressionally mandated deadline to report on how it will regulate CBD, and no one seems to care.

Ok, so the Natural Products Association cares, but they seem like the only ones. So we have to ask: What the eff is going on over at the FDA? Aside from the whole lot of nothing we’ve seen so far, we mean.

Snark aside, there are a ton of reasons for the industry to be upset about a lack of FDA action here. This deadline was supposed to give the industry a framework for how they should begin to prepare for FDA oversight. Instead, we get more silence, more delays, more…nothing.

GGB Sells CBD Biz To BRN

In a case of ABC XYZ word salad insanity, Green Growth Brands (GGB) is selling a majority stake of its CBD business to BRN Group.

Like most big Canna companies, GGB needs cash to pump into it its somewhat slow pot markets, and for big branding and marketing portfolio companies like BRN, brands like GGB’s are ripe for the pickin’.

Our big worry: that our new overlords of the CPG space will forgo innovation in exchange for just hyper branding and marketing their existing (acquired) formulations.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

That hit Beatles song we all love most definitely wasn’t about driving under the effects of CBD, but for the purpose of this story, we’re going to pretend.

So when Inverse magazine published this riveting article about everything we don’t know about driving under the influence of CBD, we took special note. Why, because most of the customers who leave our stores are driving under the influence of CBD..and frankly we hadn’t considered it before.

The good news is that the general consensus is that it’s probably OK to drive “On CBD”. The bad news: long trips, night driving, and any other driving where the driver is already drowsy or impaired can mean bad news when using CBD. As always, it’s advisable to use with caution, and avoid driving outright.

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