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Do Topicals Work? Golfers Love CBD. CBM Daily Digest 2/6/20

CBD Topicals…Do What Exactly?

The folks at Outside Magazine like doing stuff, well, outside. They probably also get hurt more than the average Joe, you know, spending so much time outside. So when they dig into what CBD topicals are actually good for, we take note.

Why do we care what Outside Magazine has to say? Because for now, the only evidence we have that any of this CBx stuff works at all is the anecdotal stuff we share and read online. Yikes! Still, there seems to be at least some mounting body of evidence that topical CBD works for pain relief and anti-inflammation. So it seems the editors are pro-CBD, but with a warning.

Outside cautions to not just replace those 10-12 ibuprofen you pop daily with CBD, and also incorporate recovery techniques and rest because pain means something is wrong. We agree. CBD and rest sound like a great recovery to us.

What About Arthritis Pain?

While we’re on the subject of CBD for pain, what about Arthritis pain, which is more of a degenerative disease than just some bruises from mistakenly venturing out of doors?

Well, it turns out that CBD worked great in medical trials for arthritis (in rats) and this amazing write up by  Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta, Ph.D. and it suffices to say that probably means it works really well for humans too.

The good Doc has some caution as well: check with your doctor, don’t replace your anti-rheumatic drugs with CBD, don’t vape your CBD, and do all of this with caution because there is no established dosing.

Golfers Love CBD

Our Editor in Chief Bill is Golfer. While that may have been a secret, it’s definitely no secret that he loves CBD. And Bill isn’t alone. 33 Million Americans played Golf in 2019.

If Golf Magazine has their way, more of them will be tee’ing up with CBD in 2020. They released a list of reasons why Golf and CBD go together and we like what we see.

Not only do they have the basics covered, but they also claim that CBD is wonderful for increasing focus, and combatting travel stress. And while we don’t golf, we do travel and we have to agree…CBD is wonderful for combatting jetlag and relaxing on the plane.

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