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Consumer Brands Group To Defend CBD, CBD Goes LUXE – CBM Daily Digest 1/24/20

Consumer Brands Group Defends CBD

We like industry associations. We especially like retail industry associations that pay special attention to CBD. So when the Consumer Brands Association (formerly the Grocery Manufacturers Asociation) says it’s gearing up for CBD advocacy, we’re all ears.

This week, CBA announced the launch of a new expert panel to assist with its advocacy approach. Its new CBD Advisory Board includes former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, political figures including former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, and former regulators who served in the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The group says they will focus their advocacy efforts on government oversight and consumer safety. We hope their efforts are fruitful and we see more CBD based products in the grocery retail channel.

Ouch! CBD Treatments For Chronic Pain

While CBD manufacturers can’t make health claims like “reduced pain” just yet, customers, researchers, and the press can. And when your customers come in asking, they won’t care 1 bit about whatever FDA gag orders are in place, they just want to know what to use and how much they need. So what should you be telling your customers who ask about Chronic Pain?

For starters, you probably want to suggest that customers try both holistic CBD approaches and topical ones. High dose CBD capsules can be good for pain reduction and inflammation reduction. Topicals can also be incredible for muscle, joint, and ligament pain…and may also overcome CBD’s low bioavailability by working directly at the site of the problem.

Another suggestion is that for anxiety, the customer may be better off eating their CBD as opposed to other topical treatments. Given that 90% of serotonin receptors are in the but, that may make a lot of sense. Of course, as with any CBD treatment, start small, build up is still always the most advised route.

CBD Is Going Luxe

Like it or not, CBD is going upscale.

From Bath Balms to Facial Serums, CBD products are increasingly going the route of Posh and Luxury every day. Take this list of 6 luxe CBD products to soothe nerves written by the Hollywood Reporter. Or Forbes’ look at these luxurious CBD products. We’re all for feeling posh and pampered, but we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that this stuff also really works.

We’re already reported on the wild fluctuations in CBD product pricing. The bottom line is consumers are paying for brand way more than effect. SO cash a=in and stock more branded CBD products, or pass the savings along and let your customers know that generic CBD oil might have the same luxurious effects.

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