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Colorado Hemp Prices Tank, CBD in the Dairy Isle – CBM Daily Digest 2/7/20

Does CBD Belong In The Dairy?

Today I learned: There is a Dairy Reporter, her name is Beth, and She wants to know: Does CBD Belong In Dairy? Good Question! The answer is definitely YES…because ice cream is dairy and WE. WANT. ICE CREAM.

But you can’t eat CBD, or so says the FDA. Bummer. Except Beth reports that Martin Hahn of Hogan Lovells US LLP says why not, it’s not like the FDA is enforcing anything. And he’s right.

It’s going to take more than some FDA inaction for BigMilk to move into CBD products, but that hasn’t stopped several smaller players like Good hemp milk, Barista Seed Milk, and CBD Keto Coffee Creamers. Let’s just hope the FED isn’t lactose intolerant.

Colorado Hemp Prices Tank

In August 2019, a pound of hemp biomass in Colorado was around $40. Today it trades for less than $10.

And with all of this cheap biomass, we’re left with a few questions. For starters, where is the bottom of the market? Should we expect more of a fall in pricing or will prices go back up once this harvest cycle has been consumed? And why hasn’t this had ANY impact on the pricing of consumer CBD products?

We don’t think there are great answers on the horizon. And while the confusion remains, we doubt much will change on the retail end of the pricing spectrum.

Shhhh…it’s a Secret

Our Secret Shopper made their way to Chicago this past week and decided to see what the average CBD consumer can expect in the windy city. Check out what we found and where we found the best deals.

Want your CBD shop featured in our Secret Shopper reviews? Drop us a line and tell us about your store.

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