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CBG Might Be BIG, CBD Breathalyzer coming, CBD Pet Treats Fail – CBM Daily Digest 1/9/20

CBG Might Be Bigger Than CBD

We’ve said it before, we’re happy to repeat it: CBG might just be better, and end up more popular than CBD.

Don’t forget folks there are over 100 known cannabinoids, and we only really have a handle on, well, a handful of them. CBG, or Cannabigerol, is the precursor to CBD, CBC, and even THC. Researchers believe that CBDA forms first in the cannabis plant, and then is broken down into CBG, which then, in turn, breaks down into CBDA, THCA, CBCA. Early evidence shows that CBG has anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-seizure, anti-anxiety benefits. Some indications are that CBG flower is much more palatable to smoke than CBD heavy strains.

Researchers used to claim that CBG was too expensive and too scarce to prove viable enough for commercial applications but a surge in CBG flower cultivation over the past year will likely drive prices down and availability up. At 20% average yields, and consumers reporting enjoying the flavor and effect of CBG, we couldn’t be more bullish on CBG products coming to market in 2020.

CBD Breathalyzer Coming…

InspectIR systems have developed a roadside breathalyzer type device that supposedly determines if you have been consuming THC or CBD based products. With a roadside breath and 90 seconds of analysis, the company claims it can determine if users have THC or CBD in their system.

Designed to help reduce the spate of false THC arrests, the manufacturer claims the system will help to better identify “illegal cannabis” from legal hemp.

The nature of these tests is not yet public knowledge, so how any law enforcement group can consider using this before it’s proven to be bulletproof is beyond us.

CBD Pet Products: All Bark No Bite

We’re sad to say that several sources are reporting that a vast array of Pet CBD products contain little to no CBD. After all, how would your pet even let you know if it worked?

We know from science that CBD can be wonderful for pets from a range of issues from epilepsy to anxiety to skin disorders. That is, if they are actually getting it. Not only do some products have no CBD in them, but others also have woefully inadequate amounts to be effective.

Fido deserves better, and so do your customers. With the astronomical prices of some of these products, you better start asking your vendors for COAs for pet products as well.

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