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CBD Vs. Opiates, Dietary Supplements Likely from FDA – CBM Daily Digest 2/5/20

Is CBD Our Best Bet Against Opiates?

We’re sure you’ve heard just how grave the opiate addiction problem is in the US, and you may have even heard the claims that legalizing cannabis reduces rates of opiate addiction. But is the same true for CBD?

While the evidence is anecdotal, some addicts swear by the effects of CBD. Citing a reduction in mood swings, reduction in depression, and a reduction in pain and inflammation…many addicts are finding it easier to get off and staff off opiates with the use of CBD products.

While you can’t exactly market your products to “opiate addicts looking for alternatives”, being aware of these benefits may help you convert a few on the sly.

Dietary Supplement Likely Says Ex-FDA Cheif

At least one person is bullish on CBD emerging from FDAs scrutiny as a dietary supplement. Given that one person is ex-FDA associate commissioner David Acheson, that’s not bad at all.

Acheson says it looks more likely that CBD will be classified by FDA as a dietary supplement and that the agency will not consider either CBD or THC as a food ingredient until some company files a food additive petition.

Speculation is nice, but still no word on when any of this will come to fruition.

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