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Welcome to CBD Business Media. Our suite of online informational properties provides the CBD industry with a single source for news, in-depth content and community.

Our experienced staff of journalists and marketers brings not only decades of successful experience in the media business but specifically in the CBD category as well. CBD Business Media provides extensive, engaging, actionable news and information to the exploding and evolving CBD market.

CBD Business Daily, combines curated news and commentary delivered to over 40,000 decision makers that buy and sell CBD products.

CBD Business Magazine, provides industry focused interviews, research, education, product information, insights and thought leadership on industry issues.

CBD Business Forums and events bring buyers and sellers together in person. These events are limited exclusively to business to business activities.

And more!

Our targeted 40,000+ audience is comprised of merchandisers/buyers, managers, executives at manufacturing companies and formulators, major retail chains as well as CBD stores and dispensaries. We effectively and affordably deliver your message and connect with the key decision makers needed to increase your sales and distribution. We look forward to working together.

Our Team

Bill Slapin (Publisher)

With over 25 years of experience in special interest markets, Bill Slapin is the Publisher at CBD Business Media, to which he brings his successful track record of creating, managing and marketing quickly growing businesses, including print and online publications. Over the past five years he has been active in the cannabinoid market both as a publisher and investor with a proven record of success in launching and operating business to business media properties.

Anne-Marie Fischer (Editor in Chief)

Anne-Marie Fischer, M.Ed. is a lifelong educator, writer, and eager contributor to the growing cannabis and CBD movement through her content company CannaWrite. Previously working in research, community engagement, and education roles, Anne-Marie is a true global citizen, particularly helping in the content strategies and market emergence of cannabis and CBD companies around the world. Anne-Marie has been an active writer in the cannabis and CBD space since 2016, and eagerly takes on this role leading the editorial team of CBD Business Media with a goal to educate retailers and the public about CBD’s effects on the body and mind.

Casey Walsh (Director of Sales)

Casey Walsh has worked in the cannabis and hemp industry for the last seven years, becoming an expert in hydrocarbon extraction, filtration, wiped film distillation, and product formulation before moving into the cannabis media world in 2016, where be became the top print and digital advertising sales representative in an extremely competitive market. His hands-on experience, previous sales record, versatility, and positive attitude makes him a unique and incredibly valuable asset to the CBD Business Media team.

Emily Poster (Reporter)

Emily Poster is from Rochester, New York and graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2003, with a B.Sc. in Exercise Science. Her background is in Kinesiology, where she has worked as a rehabilitation specialist, cardiac rehabilitation specialist, and quality assurance specialist. Emily has a passion for helping people understand how cannabis and CBD can be used to maintain optimal health, especially having experienced the benefits of CBD first-hand within her own recovery and pain management. Emily resides in Ontario, Canada and has been writing in the cannabis and CBD space for almost two years. She eagerly joins the team of CBD Business Media as lead reporter, where she connects directly with the CBD community to tell their stories.

Jason Craine (Daily Digest Reporter)

Jason Craine has spent the last 5 years immersed in the cannabis and hemp industry in California, Colorado, and Washington with a specialty in retail distribution, product marketing, and consumer acquisition. Jason spends his days living and breathing the Cannabis and Hemp marketplaces in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to moving over to the CBD space, Jason ran two successful online vape retailers and ran a web marketing agency that built hundreds of ecommerce websites for local and international businesses. By night, Jason juggles his 3 kids as he reports the news the same way he faces life, with a little wit and as much inside knowledge as possible.

Dean Eaker (Director of Corporate Development)

Dean Eaker is a senior executive with a record of success at creating and developing new revenue streams within the Digital Media, Publishing, Data Compilation, and Direct Marketing industries. His experience stems from the Media and Publishing sectors where he was the Founder & Publisher of several early tech-related publications and trade shows. He is the founder of Wired Assets Holdings a portfolio company that includes positions in early stage companies, which now includes CBD Business Media, for which he works as Director of Corporate Development.

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